Give your fans something special.

Be your own social network.

Popframes is a customizable, white-label mobile app with Instagram-style features.

Build a community around your business, event, or cause.

With an app powered by Popframes, your fans can post photos with your brand's custom photo frames in the photo feed. Liking, commenting, and sharing is built-in.

News travels fast.

The Popframes news feed informs your audience with exclusive updates and provides a place for upcoming promotions, event details, and other important information.

Nobody misses out.

Users get notified about likes and comments on their photos, as well as important updates from your organization.

It's all yours. We handle the rest.

Look professional with a native-built iOS app in the App Store that you can direct your audience to download. Updates and maintenance are provided as part of your plan, there's no servers to manage, and everything scales with your needs.

You're in the driver's seat.

All content posted by your users can be easily managed by you through the admin panel. Easily create news items and schedule push notifications to update everyone.


Popframes is currently available as an invite-only free beta.
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